Monday, July 5, 2010

inspirations (:

wow. i don't even know where to start! I've been so inspired tonight by some of my friends and I've sorta mapped out my life. i know exactly what i want to do and exactly how I'm going to make it happen, its gonna be hard, but these dreams of mine are so much bigger than that! and this struggle will be well worth it in the end. i feel like i could change lives, not in a huge way, but i could make a difference and it could lead to big things (: this, of course, will be done through music :D music is truly my passion, there is no other way of saying it. its the only thing i feel so strongly about, well, other than God. (: hes kinda important :p but tonight i realized something that was kind of a slap in the face! i know absolutely nothing about music. of course i know somethings, but only what I've been able to teach myself based on my love for it.. which isn't much. but i was talking to some of my friends that have gone to music college and it really inspired me to be all that i can be, it made me think to myself about all of the possibilities there are and the only thing holding me back is myself! i can be anything or do anything as long as I'm truly passionate about it and i put my whole heart into it! so this is my vow, mostly to myself, but i will do whatever it takes to make these big dreams of mine come true (: no matter how hard it is or how badly i want to give up, it will all be worth it and if i push myself and with the help of God, anything is possible (:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

uhh.. catching up? (:

well, i really have no idea what i even want to say! but its been almost two years since i blogged so theres alot for me to catch up on :p it kinda feels weird blogging, its like a diary.. but on the internet.. and EVERYONE can read it! yea.. just thought id get that out there :p so life is good... i want to get out of this town though!! im so sick of it here!! i want to move somewhere and do something that is music based :D (im the ultimate music fanatic) but i want to stay in price long enough to get like a nursing degree or something so im not broke as balls wherever i decide to go (: its kind of hard to think because my dog is snoring incredibly loud in my ear.. but i love him to death anyways :D sometimes i feel like theres too many dreams inside my head, they make my head feel cramped... i wrote a song the other day in geology.. it needs me to actually write the guitar line thats in my head (: but it should be fun (: it was inspired by something thats not so inspiring to me anymore though, so i should probly rewrite the chorus a little.. im not entirely sure who all is going to end up reading this so ill leave out details :p haha!
world of warcraft is amazing (: if you dont play, you need to. if you do play and quit, you should unquit. if you havent played and mock us nerds, i dont even know what to say to you.. other than you fail and my mage would OWN YOURRR FACCEEE!!!!! hehe (:
hmm.. some more important matters..
shes pretty much the greatest person on this entire planet.
smiles seem to come easier when shes around, she always understands exactly what im going through because shes usually going through the same thing, its crazy! ill call her and be like dude, my life sucks. and she'll be like dude i was just gonna call you and say the exact same thing!! and we talk about it for like two seconds and then were laughing and joking because neither of us are capable of being mad/sad for very long (: but shes just awesome. you need to be jealous of her coolness. (she defines the word radd)
hmm.. (yes, that little rampage was inspired by a blog she wrote about me :D haha!)
this summer was supposed to be awesome but its looking like its going to be super! duper! lame.
im going to learn the guitar this summer though :D its my goal in life :D and possibly the piano, but i dont know, it depends on how long it takes me to learn the guitar (:
await the day played their first show today since the accident! :D im soo glad trey is out of the hospital and walking and drumming as amazingly as ever :D hes a pretty radd dude (:
on the topic of music, im to scream it like you mean it AND scream the prayer this summer!!! im sooo incredibly stoked!! :D its gonna be soo bomb :D
and i get to go with brooke because shes going to come see me!! woo!! partttyyyyyy!!!!! ahaha (:
and, once again on the topic of music, ive been on a mad downloading rampage!!! so if you have some incredibly radd tunes you'd like me to hear, please, share the love (:
well, i think thats all.. goodnight (:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


today was so much fun! i finally got back into the swing of school and everything after that massive amazing Christmas break that i will miss so much!
i found out i don't have a 9th period, so I'm getting a PE credit for going home early, I'm pretty stoked (:
there was an assembly in math, we learned about Internet safety and they said when you get home to google your name and see what comes up. mine came up as a black musician dude from like the forties. i want a new name. :p
so thirty seconds to mars has a new video out, its called kings and queens you need to listen to it (: not to mention Jared Leto is insanely good looking (:
i saw this really hot kid walking down the hall the other day, i had never seen him before and I've never seen him again, he was hot though (:
i just got a new computer for Christmas the other day, it doesn't have world of warcraft on it, I'm very sad about this.
i think i need to blog more, hopefully that will make me twitter less :p
i think I'm out of things to say.. (:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adventures with Liz :]

This story begins on a Friday afternoon. I was sitting at the kitchen table and my brother Cory told me that Kenny and Liz were coming over (i love these kids to death! Liz was my best friend sense 5th grade but there was a bunch of drama :S in 10th grade and we kinda stopped hanging out for a while.) When they got to my house we didn't know what we were going to do so we went to the park until we decided on a better idea :] I love the park! it was fun. We played on that bouncy snail thing and the bumble bee until it started raining so we headed back to my house. When we got back to my house we decided to watch fired up (i love that show!) until it stopped raining then we were going to go to the swing. We got about half way through it and it stopped raining so we headed off to the swing. Cory decided he didn't want to go and we couldn't talk him into it so he just stayed. On the way i found out we were going with Brock and Kolby, i hadn't really hung out with Brock much but he seemed pretty radd, but i knew Kolby a little. So we went and picked them up and went up to the swing. Liz went first, and the guys left. Well, it turns out that the water was alot higher than normal, because she just kind of flopped into the water. I haven't laughed that hard in a while :] Then it was my turn. I flopped too :p it was epic. :] So after a few times of trying to go without dying, the guys got back and laughed at us and Kenny went and, of course, he didn't get wet at all! then everyone decided they were going to throw me in and i ended up rolling around on the ground in the dirt soaking wet. I looked like a giant mud pie :] After that it was my turn again and of course i got soaked. But i wasnt a mud pie anymore :] and of course everyone decided they were going to dunk me. And naturally, i got my self more wet trying to get away than all the guys did. :] Kenny pushed Kolby in and we all went swimming down river. I got bit by 93857 bugs and we almost had a mud fight :] By then it was getting pretty late so me and Liz headed back to the house to get cleaned up and get the boys towels. A while later we came back and gave the guys their towels and started playing with fireworks :] Then they tried to leave us so me and Liz ran up the road and blocked it so they couldn't leave, but they just kept driving so we jumped on the hood. Liz fell off pretty fast but i had a good hold on it so i held on but it didn't take long for me to remember how bumpy the road was and i realized that i was either going to jump off or get thrown off and probably end up hurting myself. So i jumped off. but naturally i ended up hurting myself anyways. The car was going a little faster than i realized and i kinda fell off and landed on my butt. It was pretty rough, but so funny! i couldn't stop laughing! if you would have seen it, you would have laughed at me too :] So then kenny let me in the car and we took everyone home and me and Liz went to her house for a while then my house. By then it was kind of late and we decided we were really tired so we figured we'd get some movies and go to sleep. Buy Ryan texted me and wanted to hang out so we met him at blockbuster and I guess we were going to go roll a tire down a hill. I'd never done it before and it sounded fun :] But his dad called and said that he had to get up at 5am (ouch!) So we went home and went to sleep. Well, we tried, but we ended up staying on the computer until 4am. oops. we were watching Mitchell Davis and talking about music, and i can talk about music for hours and i don't get bored. When we realized it was 4 am we decided we needed to go to bed so we layed down and tried to watch the movie. We never fell asleep. By then the sun was coming up and I decided we should go lay on the roof. So we gathered up our blankets and pillows and headed onto the roof. It took a few trips back and fourth to finally get everything we needed, but we ended up getting some really awesome pictures of the sunrise! It was amazing! And there was like 4 or 5 rainbows! I was starting to think they didn't exist anymore because i hadn't seen one in forever. But with a rainbow comes rain, so we came back inside :] Then we decided we were exhausted (it was 7 am by this time) so we tried to go to bed. I was almost asleep! i could feel myself falling into the abyss that is sleep when Liz decided we needed to go to McDonalds to go get breakfast. I stared at her for a second until i realized she was serious. So we went to McDonalds and got breakfast. Somewhere on the way back we decided we needed to go jogging too! so we went jogging and, for not running in years i did pretty good. almost. well, it was 3/4 of a mile. which i was kind of proud of but then i wished i would have just finished it. After that we stood in the middle of the field for a while and the sprinklers turned on. So we ran through them. And got soaked. It was epic. Then sense we couldn't really get much wetter, we went to my house, got my dog, and went to the swing :] What we hadn't really thought about at the time was that it was only 8 am and the water was freezing! which wouldn't really have bothered me too much but it was insanely muddy, like you wouldn't have been able to see through it if it was only an inch deep. it was pretty insane. So we sat and talked for a while while my dog frolicked around like a retard for a while. i love him :]
After about a half hour we decided we needed sleep and her mom would have gotten mad if she knew that liz was driving with me in the car because she hasn't had her license for 6 months yet. so we both went home and went to sleep and slept all day.
basically, it was one of the best nights this summer.. so far :]

Saturday, June 13, 2009

short update, not exactly a blog :]

Ok, so I know I haven't been on in forever and a half! but I'll post some new stuff soon!
I'm possibly going to see Emery tomorrow! So that should make for an interesting story :]
So I guess I'll post something when something interesting happens :]
ooh!! wait! so tonight we went and saw light parade's first show! (there one of my best friends big brothers band, my brother was going to be in it but he ended up playing for another band, Await The Day, there pretty awesome!) But they all did really good and I was really impressed, well, I had seen them practice, so I knew they were really good, but they played an awesome show! and not to mention that it was their first show! So I'm really proud of them! good job guys! :]
yea, but I'm really tired! (its only 11! that's insane! I never go to bed that early these days!) so I'm gonna hit the sack. Goodnight! :]

Friday, May 29, 2009


Steve was blinking.. But he liked it :]


Ryan :]
The other night, we went and saw one of my favorite bands ever! I've literally loved them from the start! I first heard them back about four years ago and they've always been one of my favorites ever!! So then I heard that they were going to be playing with my brothers new band (which is amazinggg!!) and I literally fell off the couch.. well, maybe not literally.. but you get the point, I was insanely excited!!
So the night of the concert, we had no idea where it was going to be, well, we knew it was a java jazz, but we didn't know where that was. But we were going to be late so we ran out the door with a pretty good idea of how to get there, but nothing for sure. Then we ended up being super late because we had to go pick up Brooke, and I'm pretty sure she was high on something because I've never seen her so hyper in her entire life!! and she stole my husband.. :] But we ended up missing the first few bands, and all of my brothers band except the end of the last song. (it was their old guitar players last night) But then there were a few other bands, they were good, but no one really moved. Everyone just stood there and stared at them.
Then Monty came on!!! I'm not gonna lie, I almost exploded!! Me and Cody decided we were going to sing all the songs and freak out and probly mosh and just go crazy, even though we were probly going to be the only ones moving. But then they started playing and everyone freaked out!! and everyone knew the words and it was crazy!!!!!! It was probly the best night of my life :D The guys were hilarious!! We laughed through the entire show!! They played mostly their older songs (my favorites :D) but threw a few new ones in off their new album that I can't wait for!!! And I totally wasn't expecting them to use trumpets live!
Afterwards, we got to go talk to them and we all talked for about 30 to 45 minutes, it turns out there from Rhode Island! I never knew that! I wanted to live there for a while, then Maine, but now I'm leaning more towards New York or Seattle. I don't know, but it has nothing to do with anything I was talking about. But we ended up taking a few pictures, sharing fun stories, and laughing alot! :] They were really awesome to talk to, and they've been my heroes forever!! They have the most amazing music in the world!! It's incredible!! So basically, go check them out. There the best :D or :]

this is one of my favorite pictures ever!! except ryan got cut out :(
but steve looks like a stud :]

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Times and Goodbyes... (Part 2)

The next morning, we had to get up at around 10 to take Mich to the airport :(
I was pretty tired after our radd night :] We left the house at around 11 and headed to Wal-Mart!! of course! I guess he wanted food to bring back with him. They don't have Dr. Pepper in Germany!!! I would die!! I love Dr. Pepper :] but he got salsa too, I guess they don't have that there either... or bagels.. or tortillas.. that's crazy! So we got his food, and packed it into his bag, and Perri was praying the whole time that nothing would explode in his bag! she was like "God! just put angels in here! and God! just don't let anything explode in here!!!" I love how much faith she has! It makes me happy :] So then we got to the airport and helped him carry his bags in and check in so he could leave. Then it was time to say goodbye!! It was soo sad!! Everyone cried, except me. I never cry, I don't know why. But I'm going to miss him! :( Then we went to go get some pizza! ((Papa John's deep dishes are the best in the world!!)) so while we were waiting we went to Pet Co. to get dog food and something else. I forgot what. But I decided I really really really want a parrot!! or a monkey.. that would be radd :] then we got our pizza and went back to my house, but when we got there Cody, Cory, Chris, Casey, and Ruben were there. So Perri was like "oh no! you guys can't have any!!" So we turned around and ran back to the truck while they chased us for our pizza! But it was square, so there were only 8 pieces, and half of it was veggie. So there wasn't enough for them, plus we were going to go pick up Shannon. So we decided to go have a picnic :] But it was raining, so we went and parked in the Lowe's parking lot in front of the flowers and ate our pizza in the truck :]
After that, we went and got Shannon and got 2 pizzas for the boys (they told us if we left with the pizza they were locking us out, so it was a peace offering :D) Then like, 5 minutes after we got there Jerry came over and they played x box for a minute before Casey had to leave. So we all went back to the church. That's where my mostly sleepless night hit me. I slept for about an hour on a pew at the front of the church. It was the best nap ever!! Then we saw my dads new car. It's way nice. I want it! but I doubt that's going to happen..