Saturday, June 13, 2009

short update, not exactly a blog :]

Ok, so I know I haven't been on in forever and a half! but I'll post some new stuff soon!
I'm possibly going to see Emery tomorrow! So that should make for an interesting story :]
So I guess I'll post something when something interesting happens :]
ooh!! wait! so tonight we went and saw light parade's first show! (there one of my best friends big brothers band, my brother was going to be in it but he ended up playing for another band, Await The Day, there pretty awesome!) But they all did really good and I was really impressed, well, I had seen them practice, so I knew they were really good, but they played an awesome show! and not to mention that it was their first show! So I'm really proud of them! good job guys! :]
yea, but I'm really tired! (its only 11! that's insane! I never go to bed that early these days!) so I'm gonna hit the sack. Goodnight! :]

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