Tuesday, January 5, 2010


today was so much fun! i finally got back into the swing of school and everything after that massive amazing Christmas break that i will miss so much!
i found out i don't have a 9th period, so I'm getting a PE credit for going home early, I'm pretty stoked (:
there was an assembly in math, we learned about Internet safety and they said when you get home to google your name and see what comes up. mine came up as a black musician dude from like the forties. i want a new name. :p
so thirty seconds to mars has a new video out, its called kings and queens you need to listen to it (: not to mention Jared Leto is insanely good looking (:
i saw this really hot kid walking down the hall the other day, i had never seen him before and I've never seen him again, he was hot though (:
i just got a new computer for Christmas the other day, it doesn't have world of warcraft on it, I'm very sad about this.
i think i need to blog more, hopefully that will make me twitter less :p
i think I'm out of things to say.. (:

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  1. You crazy! It's not Jan/5/09! Its Jan/5/10.
    Oh my goodness.
    Its 2010...
    We are getting old!
    Get the markers!
    I think if we dress like we are two again and draw stick figures on the wall no one will suspect we are almost enter adulthood hehe :D
    I know, sometimes my genius plans suprise even me!