Thursday, May 27, 2010

uhh.. catching up? (:

well, i really have no idea what i even want to say! but its been almost two years since i blogged so theres alot for me to catch up on :p it kinda feels weird blogging, its like a diary.. but on the internet.. and EVERYONE can read it! yea.. just thought id get that out there :p so life is good... i want to get out of this town though!! im so sick of it here!! i want to move somewhere and do something that is music based :D (im the ultimate music fanatic) but i want to stay in price long enough to get like a nursing degree or something so im not broke as balls wherever i decide to go (: its kind of hard to think because my dog is snoring incredibly loud in my ear.. but i love him to death anyways :D sometimes i feel like theres too many dreams inside my head, they make my head feel cramped... i wrote a song the other day in geology.. it needs me to actually write the guitar line thats in my head (: but it should be fun (: it was inspired by something thats not so inspiring to me anymore though, so i should probly rewrite the chorus a little.. im not entirely sure who all is going to end up reading this so ill leave out details :p haha!
world of warcraft is amazing (: if you dont play, you need to. if you do play and quit, you should unquit. if you havent played and mock us nerds, i dont even know what to say to you.. other than you fail and my mage would OWN YOURRR FACCEEE!!!!! hehe (:
hmm.. some more important matters..
shes pretty much the greatest person on this entire planet.
smiles seem to come easier when shes around, she always understands exactly what im going through because shes usually going through the same thing, its crazy! ill call her and be like dude, my life sucks. and she'll be like dude i was just gonna call you and say the exact same thing!! and we talk about it for like two seconds and then were laughing and joking because neither of us are capable of being mad/sad for very long (: but shes just awesome. you need to be jealous of her coolness. (she defines the word radd)
hmm.. (yes, that little rampage was inspired by a blog she wrote about me :D haha!)
this summer was supposed to be awesome but its looking like its going to be super! duper! lame.
im going to learn the guitar this summer though :D its my goal in life :D and possibly the piano, but i dont know, it depends on how long it takes me to learn the guitar (:
await the day played their first show today since the accident! :D im soo glad trey is out of the hospital and walking and drumming as amazingly as ever :D hes a pretty radd dude (:
on the topic of music, im to scream it like you mean it AND scream the prayer this summer!!! im sooo incredibly stoked!! :D its gonna be soo bomb :D
and i get to go with brooke because shes going to come see me!! woo!! partttyyyyyy!!!!! ahaha (:
and, once again on the topic of music, ive been on a mad downloading rampage!!! so if you have some incredibly radd tunes you'd like me to hear, please, share the love (:
well, i think thats all.. goodnight (:

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