Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Times and Goodbyes... (Part 2)

The next morning, we had to get up at around 10 to take Mich to the airport :(
I was pretty tired after our radd night :] We left the house at around 11 and headed to Wal-Mart!! of course! I guess he wanted food to bring back with him. They don't have Dr. Pepper in Germany!!! I would die!! I love Dr. Pepper :] but he got salsa too, I guess they don't have that there either... or bagels.. or tortillas.. that's crazy! So we got his food, and packed it into his bag, and Perri was praying the whole time that nothing would explode in his bag! she was like "God! just put angels in here! and God! just don't let anything explode in here!!!" I love how much faith she has! It makes me happy :] So then we got to the airport and helped him carry his bags in and check in so he could leave. Then it was time to say goodbye!! It was soo sad!! Everyone cried, except me. I never cry, I don't know why. But I'm going to miss him! :( Then we went to go get some pizza! ((Papa John's deep dishes are the best in the world!!)) so while we were waiting we went to Pet Co. to get dog food and something else. I forgot what. But I decided I really really really want a parrot!! or a monkey.. that would be radd :] then we got our pizza and went back to my house, but when we got there Cody, Cory, Chris, Casey, and Ruben were there. So Perri was like "oh no! you guys can't have any!!" So we turned around and ran back to the truck while they chased us for our pizza! But it was square, so there were only 8 pieces, and half of it was veggie. So there wasn't enough for them, plus we were going to go pick up Shannon. So we decided to go have a picnic :] But it was raining, so we went and parked in the Lowe's parking lot in front of the flowers and ate our pizza in the truck :]
After that, we went and got Shannon and got 2 pizzas for the boys (they told us if we left with the pizza they were locking us out, so it was a peace offering :D) Then like, 5 minutes after we got there Jerry came over and they played x box for a minute before Casey had to leave. So we all went back to the church. That's where my mostly sleepless night hit me. I slept for about an hour on a pew at the front of the church. It was the best nap ever!! Then we saw my dads new car. It's way nice. I want it! but I doubt that's going to happen..

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