Monday, May 11, 2009

My dog.

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So basically, I have the coolest dog in the world :] He's just the best. ever.
He's going to be 8 on May 15th, but he doesn't act his age :]
He loves to sleep in my room. But hates going to bed with me. So I have to drag him to bed with me or he cries at my door all night and I have to get up and let him in. He never falls asleep on my bed. He always lays right in front of my door and then gets on my bed when he's sure I'm asleep. I don't know, he's a weirdo :] He snores like a chainsaw.. Well, not exactly.. probably louder. I'm not even kidding. The first night we brought him home he was sleeping in my parents room across the house and I couldn't sleep because he was snoring so loud.
But the point of this blog was to tell you a story. So tonight, I was sitting on my bed reading some lame history book that my mom has me reading for my homeschooling, and he starts crying. And he cries loud. So I took him down (I didn't have much of a choice, if i don't he gets up at seven to go out) and he saw a frog! It was a cute little frog and he played with it for a second and then he got bored and we left it alone to deal with it's newly gained issues. Poor little guy.. So were walking for a while and we see another frog! So I let him play with it like the last one. Except this one was just a tad more hyper or something because it was hopping around like a psychopath, So my genius dog decided to eat it! I tried to pry his mouth open and get it out but it was too late. The poor froggie was in my retarded dogs bellie. )': But then, his mouth started foaming and he kind of looked like he had rabies, I was kind of worried he was going to freak someone out. No he didn't really have rabies, he does this all the time and the same thing always happens, I don't know why he still does it. So then I decided to take him home before someone saw him and called the pound or something that wouldn't be good. So now he's sleeping on my floor. By my door. On a towel so he doesn't get crap all over the carpet.
yes. my dog is a genius :]

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  1. i live in new york and i wish daily that i could have a dog. but my apartment building says, no!

    i go to Manhattan School of Music, let me know if you ever need some advice on the application process to a New York Conservatory! :)