Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Times and Goodbyes.. (part 1)

I guess the story starts last night, which was Mich's last night in America!! sadness!! so I ended up staying the night with them so we could spend some time with him before he went back to Germany!! But it all started at youth group. We had the most anointed service ever!! Like seriously, everyone got prayed for and it was soo prophetic and God showed up hardcore and it was just crazy radd, but afterwards, we decided to go to Taco Bell!! (i love that place soo much!) and we got some amazing food! but while we were in the drive-through I had this genius idea! so i got out of the car and hid behind it and when the lady handed Perri her food I ran in between the truck and the window and grabbed the bag and took off running, Perri started screaming, OH MY GOD!! MY FOOD!!! and the lady freaked out, but Rach couldn't stop laughing. It was the best idea we've ever had :D oh, and sister Yaya (she has a crazy radd foreign name and that's just what she goes by) and her son were behind us, I don't know, everyone left the church and went to taco bell, it was pretty radd :D but they came up and started hitting the windows! but we didn't see them walk up and we had no idea that it was them! so it freaked us out so bad!!
But then we went back to the house, and found monster jello shots in the fridge!!! there the best things ever!!! I love them to death :D So we had a few of them, and Mich tried one, you should have seen his face!! he thought it was normal jello and had no idea that there was monster in it! so the carbonation kind of freaked him out a little, it was hilarious!! Then he went to bed.
But me and Rach decided to go down to the bay! it was amazing!! we listened to Coldplay, Mutemath, U2, Paramore and of course Red Jumpsuit!! it was the best!! but we got down to the little ramp thingie that goes out to the water, and there were a few cars and what looked like a college party. So she got freaked out, then freaked me out, and we decided to go play at the park instead :]
So after a while we headed home, but while we were walking home this dog jumped out of the bushes and started barking and scared us to death! but then rach was like wait, its snowbell!! I guess she had gotten out earlier that night and Lish couldn't get her to come back. So we got the dog and put her inside and stayed outside just on her street for a while then decided to go wake up Mich!! It was his last night and we weren't going to let him go to bed that easily :]
But what he didn't know was that his window was open!! So we climbed in his window, and after a few minutes of tripping over the TV and drumset, we decided to jump on him :] and we did. and it was radd :D
So after all of that fun, we decided to go to her room. By then it was about two, and we ended up going to bed at about four. She composed music and I played computer for a while. It was fun :]

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